Upstream Gardens

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Chris Gorman and his two sons opened Upstream Gardens in 2014 as a seasonal (April – October) full service and pick-your-own fruit and vegetable farm. My children are the 5th generation on the farm, and we plan on staying a small family operation to offer better quality products. We prefer not to eat GMO and chemically treated food ourselves, and that is what we believe the Lord is calling us to offer to the public as well. Because of the labor involved in hand weeding and natural insect maintenance, we will be limited on the size of our operation (currently about 4 acres). Our ground and the surrounding farms are not chemical free and we are not certified organic, but we choose not to spray chemicals directly on the plants that produce food. We do not bring in produce from out of state, so each item is only available during local season. We aim to keep our prices better than grocery store organic prices, and often will be comparable to regular grocery prices for commercially sprayed produce. See our Pricing tab for the latest updates on what is available at any time as well as prices for pre-picked or pick-your-own options. Choose the Contact tab if you would like to set up a time to come visit and\or pick berries, fruits, or vegetables and be sure to check the box if you want us to send you email updates. We have no switchboard, so please leave Chris a voicemail if you don’t get an answer. Text messages and emails responded to daily. If you don’t hear back within 24 hours, please contact us again.